frequently asked questions

GK Maid Services is a tech enabled and most trusted platform for all your household help needs. We are a one stop destination having our self collected and trusted database of 60,000+ candidates in all localities of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane and all cities of India within our committed time. All the household services, be it hiring a housemaid or a houseservant staff, babysitter, nanny or japa maid, cook or chef, elderly care, patient care or a nurse- we provide solutions for all your needs.


We provide all the household services, be it hiring a housemaid or a houseservant staff, babysitter or a nanny, cook or chef, elderly care or patient care or a nurse- we provide solution for all your domestic HELP requirement.

You can simply call at our customer care no. +91 - 959 451 9651 or visit our website www.gkmaidservices.com for placing your service request or your requirement. We’re working 7 days a week from Monday to Sunday 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

Place your requirement- pay subscription (registration) charge- maid profile screening- telephonic interview- personal interview- confirm the Help - sign the agreement & pay remaining charge- stay relaxed.

Yes, we provide you service with PAID TRIAL PERIOD , so that you can check on the working efficiency and compatibility of the selected Help with your environment.

No, the Help given in the trial period, if not suitable, would not be counted as replacement. You are always free to ask us another Help but once the complete payment is made to us.

We provide maximum of 2 replacements for up to one year from the time of placement of the 1st worker at no extra charge if the worker leaves the job without any valid reason or does not prove satisfactory in his/ her work. How relaxing !!!.

We suggest 2 leaves for 24 Hrs HELP service and 2-4 leave for any other type of HELP service, however, that all depends on the understanding between the Employer and the HELP.

You can call our customer care no. +91 - 959 451 9651 anytime, for any query or help. However, for replacements, you have to first send us a mail at [email protected] and expect a call back in next 24 hrs from our replacement team.


NO, We strongly suggest that the client do a POLICE VERIFICATION of the maid.This ensures that the maid is free of any criminal charges in the past. At any given point of time if there is any crime done by the candidate (Civil or criminal), GKMaidServices.com would not be responsible for the same.

NO, it is free for HELP service for 8 hrs HELP service or more, Police Verification of the replaced HELP is chargeable

Getting verified ensures that the HELP is free of any criminal charges in the past. However, if at any given point of time if there is any wrong done by the HELP (Civil or criminal) while at work, GK MAID SERVICES would not be responsible for the same.

Police verification is an online process which takes a minimum of 21 day to 45 days and is entirely dependent on the dates given by the police department and the worker making it on time .


Client shall pay an initial amount of INR 1,000/- to GK MAID SERVICES to initiate the process of maid hunting, which is non-refundable in case GK MAID SERVICES has started the interview process and has forwarded you profiles of the Help. Our charges for the placement of the Client is ‘One month salary’ plus GST 18% for 2 replacements for 1 year, which is payable after joining and taking the trial period of the HELP.


We believe in offering service, but service given for free doesn’t count worth value often. Hence, we first insist for 1000/- Rs. as registration charge which labels you as a genuine inquirer and gives you priority over others.

Salary of the HELP should be given to them directly, we just take our Service Charge and take responsibility of providing you with 2 replacements for a period of 1 year.

Yes, you are always free to take benefits of our other offers. You can also avail our service by paying us 50% of the candidate’s ‘1 month salary’ plus GST 18% for NO replacement or 75% of ‘the candidate’s ‘1 month salary’ plus GST 18% for 1 replacement for 6 months contract period.

No!!! no renewal fees is applicable if you don’t want to continue/renew the agreement after it expires and continue with the provided maid. However, renewing the agreement gives you the guarantee of replacements.


The application money of Rs. 1000/- may be refunded only if GK MAID SERVICES is unable to line up any candidates for interview due to the limitations of our team within 7 working days of giving us application money. Processing fee of Rs.150 will be deducted. (The Refund of application money will not be made in cases where interview process has started or the contract is terminated by the Client).

Conditions to Meet for Placement Fee Refund : If Zero Replacements are used at the time of raising the refund request :

  • 50% of Placement Fee(GST Non-Rerundable)  Between 1 days - 30 days of placement
  • 25% of Placement Fee(GST Non-Rerundable)  Between 15 days - 30 days of placement
  • 0% of Placement Fee(GST Non-Rerundable)  Between 30 days - 60 days of placement
Under no circumstance a refund request will be entertained where the client has not paid the salary dues in full for the worker hired through GK MAID SERVICES.

  • Since the salary expectation of maid keep changing it might not be possible to find a maid in the same salary as your previous maid in case of replacement. NO REFUND claims will be entertained if you cannot revise your salary budget according to on-going market rate. However we will try it level best to try and find a new maid in same salary.
  • The Client agrees that the maid will be not be tortured, harmed mentally or physically. Also the client cannot increase the work or reduce the salary of the maid other than what was discussed during the interview. If the maid leaves due to any such reason, GK MAID SERVICES will not replace the maid and NO REFUND will be initiated.
  • If at all during the one year of replacement time, you wish to cancel the contract for any reason, respecting your decision to join us A CREDIT NOTE will be issued of the entire amount that you paid to us which you can use for any GK MAID SERVICES in the future within a year.