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Baby Massage is a lovely way for you to express your love and care for your baby. Massage can soothe your baby and help her to sleep.

Parenthood is an overwhelming experience and in today’s world where couple’s are sometimes forced to live away from their families or have no family support in this critical period, they have to take care of the baby on their own. This translates into a lot of work and stress for the new parents, especially in the first few months which are critical for both the baby and the mother. We understand your need in that situation.

So no more worries for providing massage benefits to your special one when GK Maid Services is available around. Massage has many added benefits for your baby, including improving weight gain, aiding digestion, improving circulation, and easing teething pain. Baby massage is delivered at the convenience of your home by trained japa maids/aaya. It is recommended to start this soon after the mother and baby are back from hospital. The overall duration is 90-120 minutes which includes massage and bath for both mother and baby. The minimum recommendation duration is 30 days which can be customized if possible.

There are lots of ways baby massage can benefit your baby, but you and your partner as well. Massage may help your baby to: develop mentally, socially and physically stay relaxed and not get upset cry and fuss less sleep better One study found that massage in the early days could help newborns to recover from jaundice more quickly. You may find that giving your baby a massage lifts your mood and helps you to feel more empowered as a parent. The time you set aside for a massage can be your special time together. Your baby will appreciate a routine. She'll find it comforting to know what's coming next. To learn a massage routine, you could ask your health visitor whether there is a clinic or you can directly call your favorite Househelp destination GK Maid Services who will never let you go dissatisfied. If you want to get started sooner, experience a hassle-free way of hiring a Baby Massager through us.


A postnatal massage is basically a full body massage after delivery. Typically, a traditional or professionally trained masseuse massages your entire body starting from the feet, and ending with a relaxing massage for the head. Even traditional Ayurvedic wisdom recommends a 40-day confinement period for the mother after delivery where wholesome care is provided to the mother and child. Traditional baths with indigenous herbs and natural remedies preceded by elaborate massages are an important part of this routine.