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GK Maid Services has been regularly getting enquiries from helpers looking to get work outside India. Many of them have worked abroad before. Some of them are ready to go out for the first time in their lives. These include women looking for jobs of domestic helpers, baby sitters, nannies, elder care professionals, nurses, as well as drivers and cooks. We have made life of more than hundred Indian households easy by providing maids in Dubai, Singapore, Mexico, Canada, USA, Saudi Arabia, Muscat, Hong Kong, Toronto, New York, Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries.

Maids in India are aplenty and their salaries often do not burn a hole in one’s pocket. Things, however, are different abroad, with the laws of the land throwing up situations that Indians are not used to. For one, affording a maid abroad is more often than not a luxury, with the strict enforcement of minimum wages in some countries. Indians, who cannot do without a housemaid, are ready to shell out large amounts to retain a good one. Other option they choose is to take

away maids from India on employment visas. That’s because the minimum wage of hiring local domestic helps in other countries for 8 hours shift are far more than the one offered to Indian maids for a 24 hours. No doubt the maid enjoy the warmth of working for an Indian family, we request you to prevent them from over-exploitation.

Hiring an Indian maid to serve your family is satisfactory, both to your pocket and to your convenience. By paying almost half of the salary expected by foreign local maids, to an Indian maid in INR, you can get a 24 hours assisted service by hiring Indian maids for your oversees maid requirement..

So, if you really want a comfort to your pocket and to your convenience, just connect to us and find the best suited maid from the pool of eligible candidates, applied and verified through us.

Please note that while we try our best to find you the right candidate with valid documents and passport who meet your requirement, we advise you to get their necessary legal/document formalities done and issue a work visa by your side for a smooth experience. The company do not hold any responsibility, except providing you with an eligible made with proper documents and clear record. Neither the company will be responsible for reimbursement of any expense maid while hiring the candidates.