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Just as parents take care of their children with love and affection in their childhood, parents also need the same warmth, love, and attention in their old age. But there may come a time when giving much-needed attention to them becomes difficult due to a fast-paced lifestyle. In such a case the best way to show them your care and affection is hiring Elder Caregiver for them. GK Maid Services believe in the saying “To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honor” and having empathy towards our elders, we connect you to those with similar thoughts. GET WELL SOON IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME.

We understand that visiting hospitals frequently as a patient can be a stressful experience, taking a toll on your TIME and MONEY. Knowing what to expect can often reduce that stress. We can make hospital visits shorter and less frequent. We provide healthcare in the comfort of your home, Elderly Home Care, Senior Home Care, Patient Home Care Services and Care Taker Services. Dedicated HELP gives them the best possible in-home, elderly healthcare services. Patient Care Takers are expert in managing patients who are not capable of doing their own work. They have won appreciation from our clients for the dedication. There are some important qualities which we look forward while hiring Elder Caretaker or Patient Caretaker for you. They are as follows:

  • 1. She/he should be able to take care of the essential requirements of the elders like grooming and dressing needs.

  • 2. She/he should be able to take care of basic housekeeping tasks.

  • 3. She/he should be able to help them in eating, bathing (to keep them hygienic and infection free), walking, etc.

  • 4. She/he should be able to move the elder or disabled elder in and out of bed.

  • 5. She/he should be able to handle any medical emergencies and keep important contact numbers with her/him.

  • 6. She/he should also be able to track the changes in the behaviour of the elder and report them to the respective family member and doctor.

    GK Maid Services is committed to provide you the highest level of comprehensive medical care and home healthcare services for the sick, elderly and disabled.